Saturday, January 2, 2010

Clubs <3

I decided that this year is going to be the year of my life, im not only 21 but also i feel like a have the power to decide and make my life better , to be successful if you know what i mean . 
so this year i have a lot of projects in mind and a lot of goals :) ,staring now everyday i will post no matter if its even one picture. so i can really start with this blog. 

So let me tell you .Miami its the party city , theres club for everyone in here . I went to this club yesterday called Macondo in washington and 7th next to Heathrow and La Folie . 

Macondo its a hispanic club , they put a lot of colombian music and a little of everything which was the part i liked the most. yesterday they had 1 dollar drinks till 12pm and it was great but after 12 it was each drink about 16 dollars . Theres a lot of nice people and well dressed  and nice . so thats a plus . also theres lot of space for everyone and beautiful tables where you just can sit and drink or if you prefer to dance you can do it to. from now on i'm posting clubs i go to and pictures so you can know a little about clubs in miami , so when you come here you know where you want to go to.

 "Make 2010 the best year ever, its all about the choices you make"

Love, Tatiana

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