Tuesday, December 1, 2009

VS 2009 Fashion Show

Victoria's Secret 2009 Fashion Show

There's No words to say after watching this show. Theres differents kind of materias for each look and each look looked different. Hope you like the Pictures ;) . Here is also part of the Fashion Show. Click Here -Pink

1. LOVE PEACE LIFE   by Pink
This First group has a lot Bright Colors , its more like a Hippy look . Love Peace Life .With different materials and shapes.

This look is the future. Different shapes and materials that make you wonder if your ever going to dress like that . Geometric shapes all around and methallic colors make you feel in another planet.

3. Are We inside a Little kids Story ?

This Garments are based in a story ( that i will figure out soon ) with a different color palette . This colors are more like fall colors, greys , browns and whites making us feel like if we are inside a story.

Theres so much before and after each fashion show , but nothing like this years Victoria Secret fashion show. Before the show was planned the victoria secret team did "The model search " looking for girls that would fit the victoria secret perspective so this street girls would became something like the next Adriana Lima , Gisele or Heidi.Something that no one liked. After the fashion show people stared talking about it how boring it was, or how the garments arent the bests ever and how they recycle too much. in my opinion VS did a great job this year . The winner for the model search was : Elyse

More comming soon ...

[ So im reading in different pages like http://www.fashionspot.com/ and a lot of people didnt like the fashion show because it was BORING .. so after i finish reading i will update everything. ]

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