Friday, October 16, 2009

Spring 2010 , RTW

Alexander’s Mcqueen Spring/Summer 2010

“Platos Atlantis”

Alexander’s Mcqueen “Plato’s Atlantis” Fashion show gave a lot to talk about. First it was the first fashion show in Paris that was live stream on nick knight’s Not only millions of people around the world could see the fashion show live, but also Lady Gaga’s new single ( lady gaga's new single )was playing for first time in the fashion show, getting the attention of more people to watch it. While the fashion show stared the website crashed down, but it went back in really fast. The show stared with an opening video which was erotic, sexy and mysterious (Knight’s vide of Raquel Zimmermann in the sand naked), then you could see robotic cameras in the via rail strikes that were in the catwalk.
The opening video had nothing to do with the robotic cameras. The models appeared with futuristic garments, the opening video had nothing to do with the collection. The collection was about the future, with unique patterns, sea-reptile patterns and a really beautiful representation of a New World. The models had 3 different hair looks and they where divide in three different groups. The make up was phenomenal, adding bone structure to their face, around the eyes, cheekbones and on the nose. The catwalk had around 300 lights pointing at each direction, more than 4 cameras that stared playing in the video, showing the models in the catwalk.
The audience was theater seating and the robotic cameras where pointing at them to so you could see them in the video. I can tell that behind the scene the make up artist and the hair stylist were doing a great jobs making the collection come together. I can also say there were more than 30 people making sure that everything was going the way it supposed to be. There was 1 mistake in the choreography where a model was walking to slow and couldn’t meet with the other one when she need it to, but walking with those futuristic high heels I can understand. We could see that the models where having difficulties walking on them.
More than 3 dressers at least, each model needs it to have. The garments looked hard to put on but at the same time fierce. Alexander’s Mcqueens’ chic aliens who wear high heels were one of the best shows I have ever seen and the production of the show was expensive but the purpose of getting people’s attention was accomplished.

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