Thursday, October 8, 2009

The Author

I go by the name of Cindy Tatiana Caicedo Pinilla 
I'm 20 years old 
My b-day is November 16 1988 
I'm from Colombia, but i been in the US for around 5 years 
I'm studying Fashion design in Miami international university of art and design (aimiu)
My goal is to make clothes that fits women's perfectly and that makes her feel beautiful and with power. 
EMPTY SPACES FASHION was created October 8 2009 
My Personal Photographer is My brother Tonny Caicedo EMPTY SPACES PHOTOGRAPHY 
and thats where i got the name for my blog and my store( hopefully )
My Blog is all about fashion , whats going on , whats coming next and my opinion in everything. 

Hope you like it 
See you soon
-you can also see me at : or email me at :

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killerdvd said...

Lol nice. Espero ver algo relacionado a fashion pronto.